UGA Ranks

Rank Image         Name                                                     Tag

Leadership Ranks

         Commander in Chief                                   President

          Chief of Staff                                           Vice President

          General                                                   Web Team

           Major General                                          Division Officer (DO)

            Major                                                    Commanding Officer (CO)

            Captain                                                 Recruitment Officer/Head of Media/Executive Officer

            Command Sergeant Major                         Team Leader

            Sergeant Major                                       Introduction Instructor

            First Sergeant                                        Team Assistant

Gamer Point Ranks

           Master Sergeant                                     1400 Gamer Points

           Sergeant First Class                                 1000 Gamer Points

           Staff Sergeant                                        800 Gamer Points

           Sergeant                                               650 Gamer Points

           Corporal                                                 450 Gamer Points

           Specialist                                               250 Gamer Points

           Private                                                   50 Gamer Points

     Prospect                                                 New Members First Rank

      Reservist                                                Reserve/On Leave

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